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When Trumpets Fade

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Review : Herting Forest hurts the heart. Watch this war movie
Most war movies give you action for action sake. This movie takes you into the heart in the mind of a particular operation that took place toward the end of World War 2. The Herting Forest operation was one of the most dismal planned and poorly executed Allied operations in the Western Front. This movie shows this on a personal level. It shows to how personal heroism energies from some of the most unlikely candidates making this a very believable war movie. The themes of how well this movie is written present themselves as an attractive way of mapping out the progress of the movie as it precedes. From carrying friends in the beginning to being carried by friends at the end are the kind of book ends the movie elaborates on in order to follow the cobat by the personal till it takes on the major players and how they died in the midst of this terrible operation. It is a thoughtful and provoking movie that helps you to understand what troops offered in this operation. I recommended it…


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