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Underworld: Blood Wars

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Review : It Won’t Win an Academy Award, but I Love it Warts and All…
I’ve been a fan of the vampire/werewolf horror genre for a long time and a huge fan of the Underworld franchise in particular. I’ve enjoyed each installment to this point. Each Halloween I even do an Underworld marathon. At this point in the franchise, you’re either a fan or you’re not. In Blood Wars, it’s nice to see writers bringing back some measure of the ‘Old World’ (an old family sword made of silver passed down to a surprised David) and a mystical element (by way of a Nordic coven in the frozen north) to a franchise that has been so entrenched in technology to this point. Makes me almost yearn for a post apocalyptic installment (sans roaches) where the only weapons are teeth, claws, swords and magic.

Kate’s looking lip-smacking good and in top form as always going from opening a can o’ whoop-ass on a pack of wolves in one scene ("Do I look worried?") to looking emotionally vulnerable and everything in-between. I can’t get enough of that full-length leather…


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