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The Words

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Review : Ends abruptly.
This movie is one hour and thirty seven minutes long.

I was thoroughly engaged in it and excited by every element of it for one hour and thirty five minutes.

Everything about it was well done. The story is well told. It’s interesting. The acting is stellar. It’s a great movie! The problem is that it abruptly ends right in the middle of the story.

They make all kinds of implications about what is to come, then suddenly within 2 minutes everything wraps up neatly. Everyone is happy. And the credits roll. Meanwhile I’m left wondering what’s going on. I even skipped past the credits to see if it was a trick and the real ending was after the credits.

Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde didn’t even need to be in the movie. Their roles had zero function from a story telling perspective. Dennis Quaid is the author of a book. The story with Bradley Cooper is the book Dennis Quaid wrote. (This is not a spoiler. You learn this 8 seconds into the movie). The…


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