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Watch The Lego Movie English Full Movie Online

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The Lego Movie

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Review : For everyone who loves Legos
When I first heard about "The LEGO Movie," I thought it couldn’t be any good. For one thing, I thought we already had Lego movies. There are tons of stop-motion Lego movies on YouTube. How could a "Lego Movie" be any different or better than what I’d already seen? The key to this movie is that it’s about Legos itself as a concept, not just making movies with Legos.

The movie dramatizes the age-old war between two types of Lego builders – those who follow the directions and those who ignore the directions, those who are rigid in building exactly what Legos are supposed to be and those who build whatever they can imagine.

In "The Lego Movie," we meet Emmett (Chris Pratt), an average construction worker. He always follows the instructions in everything from eating breakfast to making friends. He lives in a city rigidly organized by Lord Business (Will Farrell), who’s promoting an upcoming holiday called Taco Tuesday.

But when…


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