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The Legend of Tarzan

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Review : One movie that did its book justice!

Okay, so I went into the theater ready to be disappointed. I love Edgar Rice Burroughs’ books, and I know Hollywood’s record for completely losing the spirit of the story when adapting it to the silver screen. I was expecting the same kind of loss with Legend of Tarzan.
I have never been happier to be wrong! Of course it couldn’t be 100{c40eed495ef600c0f348baeb9b5fd5a24a94b38a497452c3c39bf98a829a6418} faithful to the books. After all, it had to fit three books’ worth of context into one standalone movie. But it maintained all of the key factors that shaped John Clayton III’s life and didn’t surrender the important details that make Tarzan, well… Tarzan! I was so immensely satisfied with this movie experience that I can’t even express it properly in this review. It was beautifully crafted, perfectly adapted, and an all-around joy to watch. Tarzan of the Apes and Return of Tarzan are two of my favorite books of all time, and I am absolutely satisfied with this movie as a modern representation of those works.


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