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The Infiltrator

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Review : Instantly Hooked!
This is the film that I noticed who Bryan Cranston was. He is an awesome actor and since this film I have seen him in other roles and he is an outstanding actor. All of the actors were real and fantastic to watch. This film kept me in suspense throughout and I was scared senseless but could not take my eyes of the screen, even if I had to look through my fingers. Cranston plays an undercover agent for the DEA. You learn about his personal life with his wife and children, and it takes you back and forth during the film. Yes, it states it is based on true events, however, it has to be very loosely based, because Bryan Cranston’s character would certainly have been murdered, along with his wife and children. It’s not credible that he lived a short distance away from the viscous drug dealers, as you see him home for dinner a few times in the film. The End—I could not help but seeing the undercover cops as traitors because they lied, cheated and deceived their friends, no matter what…


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