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Review : Stardust
Stardust is a delightful retelling of the ethereal lives of stars in the cosmos–forever watching the fleeting loves of humans—stars delight in the human heart. In the central village of Mall, a wall separates fairy from human. This construction separates the two lands, is protected by acrobatic elder watchman, and offers hope to those brave or curious enough to leap the divide. Danger is implicit in the wall—one side is human and fleshy hearted, the other is fairy and brilliant—humans may traverse both sides, stars belong in the firmament. Stardust, starlight, what happens when a star collides with earth? How strong is the human heart? Do stars sleep at day and rise only at night? Intriguing questions answerable in this film.
From a heartwarming tale told by Neil Gaiman, Stardust is a brilliant reminder of hope and lasting affection. Some ‘hope’ resides in seven knuckle-headed male heirs to a throne and a hefty portion of ‘lasting affection’ is but centuries…


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