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Seven Psychopaths

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Review : A Fun Look Into The Madness of Filmmaking
Seven Psychopaths is a particularly difficult film to enjoy, I feel. This is mostly due to the confusing ad campaign which made it seem like a wacky comedy, when it is so much more. Even then, this film may not be to everyone’s liking, mostly because of the disjointed nature the plot and some of the more bizarre aspects. Even still, fans of film as a medium will enjoy it. The meta narrative woven throughout the plot, linking the protagonist’s unfinished script and the plot of the film in such a way as to explore the genre of crime drama/action films and showing just how messed up the minds of characters in those films would actually have to be in order for the plot to actually happen. Yet it also pokes fun at the art house crowd as well, with Colin Farrell’s pacifistic Marty’s desire to write a life affirming film about psychopaths coming to a head with Sam Rockwell’s more unhinged Billy and his more mainstream desire to make it an action film with gratuitous gore and sex so the film…


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