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Project Almanac

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Review : A Time Travel movie, with a let down ending…
I’ve always enjoyed movies with time travel in them. I watch Star Trek all the time, and that type of story line is something quite common. The story here is good, but it does have at least one issue. The best part of the story is finding the consequences of changing the past, and how that affects the present time. David Raskin, in one particularly intense scene, tries to make sure everything in the present is preserved by making a diagram on a chalkboard showing what he can and cannot do in the past so that the bad consequences are minimized or eliminated. All of us, at one time or another, have dreamed of what it might be like to go into the past and change it so that our present lives are better. At the end of the movie, the action gets a little confusing. David and his "girlfriend", Jessie Pierce, are having an argument and suddenly there are two Jessies. Soon thereafter, both of them disappear, never to be found. The authorities are chasing David, presumably…


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