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Watch Precious Cargo English Full Movie Online

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Precious Cargo

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Review : So-so movie. Mark-Paul and his crew pull it off.
Reading the other reviews and how hard they were on this little movie, I can’t quite understand why they came down so hard on it. I do have a few complaints and problems with it but it wasn’t awful. First the good stuff. Mark Paul Gosselaar was very good, I do like him and he did very well in this part. Little bit funny and definitely fits the bill of an action star. the actors who make up his "crew" are all very entertaining, esp the 2 guys, the shooter and the driver. The story is predictable and kind of stock but still fun. the chases are too long and not all that exciting. The 2 worst things in the movie were Claire Forlani and Bruce Willis. Claire is predictable and not very convincing as the femme fatale, I’m sorry to say she is getting a little long in the tooth. Bruce willis, what is up with him lately he always looks the same, meaning, he shows no emotion at all in any movie he makes and it just seems to be "I’ll do this for the paycheck", don’t do us any…


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