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Patriot's Day

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Review : So real it made me afraid and anxious all over again
Really intense film. I was in Cambridge during the events and saw hundreds of police cars converging at fast speed on Watertown, a really sleepy little bedroom town next to Boston, across the Charles River. I remember that being in a lockdown was eerie. Boston and neighboring four towns were affected. All of us stayed inside and police helicopters flew overhead, looking for movement. It was really scary — like being in a war zone. After the shelter in place order was lifted around 6 pm on the second day, the man with the boat went out to smoke and peeked inside his boat and saw the second bomber semi conscious inside.

I was surprised and glad that the police took him alive. They were pretty pumped up as there had been a vicious shooting of an MIT campus police officer the day before. He was killed execution style in his car, with his gun still in its holster. The cold vicious nature of the killing affected the police. Police are a very tight knit group in Boston…


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