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Office Christmas Party

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Review : Great Office movie…..Hilarious from the start! You’ll watch it more than once!
I enjoy the bad reviews as much as the movie. People are saying things like "I wish there had been more of a story…" Yeah, because hip comedies, like their cousins porn movies, NEED A STORY! Come on, people…it’s about absurd office antics around the Christmas Holidays and how one lad and his team attempt to save the company and all the jobs therein. It is a typical "OFFICE" comedy (if you don’t know the franchise, check up on that first) featuring typical Jason Bateman-style gags. Lots of sexual and "bathroom" humor….lots of moments so stupid that they are HILARIOUS!

If you have never worked for a large corp or in a big office setting, you might not get the reasons BEHIND the GAGS. Especially the running HR gag. Human resource managers are just over-paid glorified clerks. They are there not to help employees, but to help the company control the employees. This is about the PARTY that Human Resources would never condone! It is IN the face of…


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