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Watch Night Skies English Full Movie Online

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Night Skies

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Review : Cheesy!!!!

While I am a fan of AJ Cook, this movie was something else. It was so cheesy. And I guess had I gone in with lower expectations I would have been able to at least give it one more star. I didn’t find any of the characters interesting. I did like the guy they picked up. I thought he was interesting. The rest of the 20 something people running around were just really annoying. And the ending left me wanting to punch myself in the face for actually watching this thing all the way through. I turned it off a couple of times. It was just so slow paced. But on some occasions a movie becomes redeemable mid way through, not this one. I was sorely disappointed. I was even more disappointed I paid money to watch this alien abduction train wreck. I gave it two stars only because I like AJ Cook.


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