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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

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Review : Possibly The Best Sequel To Date, Excellent Action, Drama & Comic Relief In A Strong Storyline
I thoroughly enjoyed Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. By the time a movie franchise gets this far into sequels usually budgets get cut and quality drops off, but not here. This may be the best MI movie yet.

Ever since "Ghost Protocol" Mission Impossible movies have embraced a bit of comic relief courtesy of Simon Pegg and now Alec Baldwin. I think this ads a lot to the movie keeping a bit of lightness along with the drama and action.

The basic premise (without giving everything away) is Ethan Hunt (Cruise) goes rogue when the MI program is shut down. This is because the obsession he has for the common thread to many problems is a yet unidentified group. Kind of like Specre in the James Bond franchise, but different.

The movie is filled with lots of action and drama and some light moments intermixed with Baldwin and Pegg. I think they got the balance of pace, dramatic tension, and humor just right for my taste.

I have enjoyed…


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