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Margin Call

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Review : A surprising find
Had never heard of this movie, and stumbled across it looking for something available for free streaming on Amazon Prime. It captured my interest in the first 2 minutes and held it firmly til the end. There are a few parallels with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, but this film is more focused on the (ruthless) behavior of an individual corporation and it senior management. I found the characters more interesting than the plot, which was not particularly complicated or creative, but nonetheless engaging. Jeremy Irons is superbly malevolent as the CEO, Kevin Spacey is good as the morally conflicted member of senior management. One problem I had is that there are many characters, but time didn’t allow for their development. And, some of the main characters don’t really attract interest, e.g. the Zachary Quinto character (Peter Sullivan) and the Demi Moore character (Sarah Robertson), who have a lot of screen time but are rather bland. Simon Baker, however, plays a poster child…


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