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Review : Lion-In My Own Words
I couldn’t continue eating my popcorn as this movie progressed.

And that’s not to say that I disliked Lion-in fact, quite the opposite. This wonderfully shot and surprisingly effective film has a lot of good going for it.

It’s interesting to see how far Dev Patel has come since his performance in 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire. Lion showcases his acting ability exceptionally well-as his portrayal of Saroo is both moving and relatable. Saroo’s situation in the movie is nearly unthinkable-though Dev Patel makes certain his talents aren’t wasted. Nicole Kidman is also good in Lion as Sue-as is David Wenham who plays John. Some of the movie’s best moments are admittedly during scenes which involve Kidman and Patel. Rooney Mara(Lucy) also makes for a charming co-star alongside Dev Patel in Lion.

Lion is both a fascinating story-as it is a tragic one. While there are scenes in Lion that I feel needed more detail, there is no denying how good it still is. There…


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