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Kiss the Girls

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Review : Mystery and Intrigue throughout the film
Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman deserved the highest awards available for their portrayals in this excellent film.
I have personally watched this movie several times and I am entertained everytime.

The strength of character performed by Ashley was a great example to the rest of us how not to become a “victim” and to actively stay involved in the ongoing developements and even when they failed they kept right on going after the two perpetrators and eventually, with Morgan Freeman’s character as Alex Cross, analyzed and with his skills figured out what was going on and eventually all came out in the end with very satisfactory results.

I have read the book that the movie was taken from and can say that they followed the story line in an excellent fashion. Brilliant performance in the face of adversity and portrayed the kind of character that Morgan Freeman, as Alex Cross, demonstrated that he could rise above petty predjudice and stay focused on his pursuit of…


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