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Review : not poisoned by bad peas, starving

As an Alaskan, I feel obligated to point out this is an inaccurate, over-romanticized account of an man starving to death in the woods.
That’s right, starving, not poisoned by bad peas, starving. His body weighed less than 70lbs when found.
There is nothing noble about wandering out into the wood ill-prepared and uneducated in survival without even a map of the area.
This film, although entertaining, should be viewed as a cautionary tale, as it has required the Park Service and State Troopers to rescue many ill-equipped "pilgrims" to be rescued in route to the site of the bus.
Please don’t be like Chris McCandless, take a map and use your brain so we don’t have to keep rescuing idiots or recovering their bodies.


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