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Review : A great achievement – exciting and showing deep understanding of life
This is an amazing movie. I think Spielberg is too critical of himself in being disappointed with it. He made it before Jurassic Park’s breakthroughs in CGI. I think I actually like it better with the stylized and colorful sets than if it had been done with CGI backgrounds. Robin Williams doesn’t get a lot of chances to be really funny and goofy, but that’s okay. To be clear, it’s got a lot of humor which involves him in crazy situations, but his particular style of witty zaniness doesn’t get utilized a lot. It does, though, when he engages in a battle of semi-sordid, semi-sophisticated insults with another of the Lost Boys. He plays Peter Pan who’s grown up and has a wife and son and daughter, and he’s forgotten about Neverland. Captain Hook kidnaps his children while he’s away for the evening, and Tinkerbell finds him and takes him to Neverland. He must learn how to fly again and how to "wish" things into existence. Then he must lead the Lost Boys in rescuing his…


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