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Hidden Figures

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Review : Want more movies like this!
We need more movies like this.

This is a story about the unsung heroines who helped calculate the orbits for the space program. We always see the astronauts and mission control, so it was refreshing to see a story behind the trenches. Not only that, but these women were brilliant at a time when women and especially black women didn’t do math or science (or full time jobs!). I had no clue these women even existed and am rather ticked that they are only now getting widespread recognition. This is such an inspiring story for any young women looking to break into science, math, computer or engineering fields.

The acting was excellent and there was plenty of humor sprinkled around. There was a mix of old footage to supplement the new to give a well rounded look at what went on during the time of the launches. Anyone else bite their nails even though we know John Glenn made it ok? lol!

Although there was some uncomfortable racist/sexist stuff these women had…


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