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Happy Feet

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Review : I love the music and the concept
I saw it when I was a kid, and I continue to watch it now. I love the music and the concept. There are some sexual references, but I can tell you that as a child, they went right over my head (and my childhood friends were a group of boys 2-3 years older than me). Some of you all are being a bit oversensitive. Additionally, the movie didn’t really portray humans as evil so much as ignorant to the consequences their actions cause. Which is true. Some people need to stop being so defensive and own up to the fact that humans are hurting the planet, and we’re doing it quickly. And its good for your children to understand that actions have consequences that may not affect you directly, but certainly impact the planet where they, you know, live. We’ve heard the humans side of the overfishing issue, but this is from the point of view of the animals. I don’t know how you want them to include human empathy in anymore ways than they already did. It didn’t promote stopping fishing everywhere -…


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