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Hacksaw Ridge

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Review : I needed to know
I watched the documentary before watching this movie. The movie seems to hold very true.

My grandfather was at Okinawa. He spoke of it to no one, until one summer day we were sitting together in 1997, just 2 years before he died, and he heard a slurry bomber going overhead (fire season). He stood up and scanned the skies. When the plane came into view, he said, "it’s ours." Then he sat down and began to weep. I took his hands carefully in mine, his skin was so thin, and his hands were shaking. He looked at me and said, "these hands have killed." He then told me how his sister ship (he was a SeaBee) anchored at Okinawa took a kamikaze hit; and he told me of another time when they came under fire, he ran for a fox hole, but didn’t make it – which was a good thing in a bad way, as the fox hole took a direct hit and all those inside died. And that was all he ever told me, and later I found out I was the only one he ever told anything of what happened to…


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