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Ghost and The Darkness

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Review : “Jaws” on steroids

This is "Jaws" on steroids (but with lions instead of a shark, and with many more people being eaten… up close and personal). The score by Jerry Goldsmith is terrific. The direction is almost unbearably suspenseful. The characters are unforgettable. The acting is good. It’s a borderline supernatural horror movie, and so will not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet it is approximately true, based on the self-aggrandizing, 19th-Century memoir of its main character. There’s a bit of the spirit of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick in this movie too, although it’s got a happier ending than Melville’s novel, This movie is also to lions what the movie "Backdraft" was to fire! You’ll never get a closer look at real lions, nor a more heart-pounding Jaws-like finale. Real lions used throughout, though not as big as the nine-foot (!) lions of the historical event, two of which are now preserved in Chicago’s Fields Museum. If you’re not squeamish, this is an awesome suspense movie.


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