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Gangs Of New York

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Review : RECOMMEND Gangs of NY
Gangs of New York is a good, but not great, movie.
Each of the character roles was pretty well written and the acting was great.
As we know a lot about the actual history of New York including the Irish gangs and Tammany hall "BOSS Tweed" this did not portray the history of the gangs or the extreme politics of the time. Brushed over the "machine politics",
There were also problems were in editing and over writing — some parts should have just been left on the floor rather than wind up in the movie. they did not play a real role in the movie. It is as if they wanted to produce a very long movie and used things that were not really necessary.
The design and set really put one into the mid 1800s and were wonderfully created.
LOVED the BIG 6 portrayal (if you do not know what this was I am not going to tell as we cannot stand movie information spoilers.
Good job describing the 5 points district in Manhattan, but .a little off in the timing…


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