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Watch Forces of Nature English Full Movie Online

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Forces of Nature

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Review : Hate love…then watch this movie
Not about love at all. The character of Sara needed a likeable actress like Sandra Bullock. Sara was a hot, unholy mess and if it weren’t for her good looks and Ben’s character, Ben, being so moronic there’d be no story. Any normal man who hadn’t grown up in a bomb shelter for 28 years would have met plenty of women like Sara long before now and not been impressed. He’d have learned that fun and crazy can loose you money, sanity and get even the nicest guy locked-up in jail for almost choking a crazy b-out. SPOILER ALERT****A twice married, once divorced chick whose kid at the age of 6 left HER to stay with the dad is telling. I did like how the movie didn’t hide the results of her disastrous behavior, but the way it interjected her exuberant nature to almost dismiss the horrible consequences of her actions was forced. What every undiagnosed mental problems Sara had they were nothing to be ignored. The puppy dog love of Ben’s character and his final choice to marry his…


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