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Watch Flyboys English Full Movie Online

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Review : Great BD transfer and sound – entertaining movie too
How can you go wrong with a new BD that costs $8. I’ve actually seen this at a local outlet for even less. If you have any type of HDTV, a 5.1/7.1 surround sound system, and a love of aviation, you’ll enjoy the movie. The transfer is exceptional and the surround sound depth puts your system through its paces.

Historical accuracy aside concerning the planes, the movie is more about the people in the squadron than the flying. I generally like to watch a movie first, then watch the special features. Not with this one. Because it is based upon true events, watch the special features first, especially the section that details the history of the squadron and the people in the Lafayette Escadrilles. Reviewers have mentioned that the characters are folks you don’t care about. You will care more if you watch the historical section first and learn about the true characters written into the film.

Flyboys is definitely a library addition for anyone who collects military…


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