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Review : Dashed Dreams-Harsh Realities called Life!
I loved this movie! It was right on for the era it portrayed. I love that the movie delved more into the characters than the scenery. We do see that he has a job, we do see that he takes care of his family, but we also hear about his relationship with his dad, his dad’s place in the world at that time-good & bad, we learn how he feels about responsibility and about happiness. We feel the crushed dreams of his youth. Denzel Washington was excellent in this role, the viewer could imagine his life through his stories, facial expressions and body language. Now, the wife, played by Viola Davis, brought much out of me, being married nearly 40 years myself, then getting "tired of the foolishness" and leaving, I became angry at what she did not do, but by the end, I realized she did what she thought was best. Viola gave true heart to this role, the emotions she portrayed, were vivid and true. If you cannot relate to this movie, that’s ok, but in my world, and many others like…


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