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Review : Based on Jane Austen’s Novel: EMMA
The 1996 movie-rendition of Jane Austen’s 1815 novel “Emma” was directed by Douglas McGrath who initially wanted to give the film a modernized setting and storyline. When the movie “Clueless” was announced, plans for updating “Emma” quickly dissolved. In proper Austen fashion, the story depicts the importance of marriage to a woman’s status during the early 19th century. Other than a script that enhances the comedic tension between George and Emma, McGarth was careful to keep the film as close to Austen’s original plot as possible. In the interest of the benevolent film heroine, it has also been noted that movie-Emma undergoes a lesser self-revelation than the Emma Austen portrayed. I enjoyed watching this movie and I think there is a lot to appreciate about some of the film’s finer points: costumes, direction, scenery, etc. Unfortunately, the storyline gets overshadowed by the “Clueless” rendition, which adds extra humor and a novel spin on Austen’s original book…


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