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Boogie Nights

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Review : Watch Again
This review explains how this movie made me feel:

I saw this great movie when it first came out in the 90’s. In the 70’s, being single and about the same age as the characters, I hardly noticed how well Boogie Nights depicts that era. But revisiting the movie in 2011, I can fully appreciate how well it portrayed the culture & times. And this movie is the 70’s and 80’s on steroids. So if you are curious about that era, THIS movie will really interest you!

So genuine is Boogie Nights that I felt I’d gone back in time and simply popped in on the wild pool parties… the acting so good that I felt like “Didn’t I know Amber?”

All through the 70’s, porn was popular among young adults, the singles crowd… Behind the Green Door, Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones, etc… we singles talked about them and some of us even got to see a few. But back then you had to see the porn flicks in the theater, and frankly, there weren’t a lot of them that dared show XXX…


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