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Big Ass Spider!

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Review : Gleefully Silly Giant Spider Movie

There is something special about a well made creature feature. Sure, ScyFy originals are fun, partially because they have no budget and the special effects are somewhat… lacking. But this movie, not being a ScyFy original, about a Big Ass Spider (love the name!!!) actually had some funds set aside for special effects! And the script seemed somewhat polished! The acting looked like the actors had some experience. Except for the crowds of people running screaming – they looked like someone had posted a flyer for people to show up some weekend and run around and scream – no experience needed. That was great.

This is a movie about a science project gone awry. Of course. Aren’t they all? And the result escapes into the city and causes havoc and death. And an unexpected hero (and his loveable sidekick) show up to save the day, complete with wisecracks and implausible situations. And of course there’s a happy ending.

Awesome movie!


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