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Review : Almost thirty years, and still PERFECT!
The first inarguable masterpiece by Tim Burton, this is the film that introduced a generation to Harry Belafonte. Chameleon actor Michael Keaton is unrecognizable as the titular character – the "ghost with the most", and his manic energy offers a performance that is without compare. Much more funny than scary, even for ’80s kids like myself, this was a movie that the whole family could enjoy (A little scariness and cursing for those with sensitive stomachs). The script offers an exceptionally witty critique of the "Go-go ’80s" mindset of making money off other people’s assets, even if that means the destruction of the very things that initially were so appealing. This is a common theme in Burton’s work to this day, but perhaps no film of his elucidates his premise better. To test the impact of this movie on my generation, try reciting to them "…Beetlejuice, …Beetlejuice, …". The glint in their eyes as they invariably shout a third time,…


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