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Assassin's Creed

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Review : Enjoyed Immensely
I am not a gamer. I am old enough to be your grandmother. I have loved Science Fiction my entire life. It is not often that a fictional world or premise captures my imagination.

Wow. The story concept was brilliant. Smart. Clever. Definitely not derivative. I could see where this fictional world would be quite entertaining to spend real time in.

The action sequences were well done. Yes, there is CGI, but a great deal of the action was real people doing real stunts. The Parkour sequences were very very good. The slack line jumps and transitions were great. And the "Leap of Faith" was heart-stopping, and incredibly beautiful.

The costuming was exquisite. Tiny tiny details, literally hours and hours of handwork that I needed to "pause" the movie to examine. And the costumes worked. I mean that they were functional, and allowed the actors and stunt people to move. The costumes were not merely good to look at. They worked like real athletic…


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