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Review : A must see
I saw "Amy" twice – 1st time alone (in a jam packed movie theater and no one made a sound – never had that happen in a movie theater before) and the 2nd time with a friend of mine who knew very little about Amy Winehouse except for the song "Rehab," her drug addiction battle and her death. My friend left the theater a huge fan and both of us had tears in our eyes. It was much more emotional for me the 2nd time.

I have a few criticisms of the film but not enough to reduce my 5 star rating. Asif Kapadia (director) and his team have done a beautiful thing for Amy with this film. Finally people will know she wasn’t just a low-life junkie as was portrayed by creeps like Jay Leno, who first welcomed her to his show and praised her performance, then kicked her when she was down with cheap shot jokes and finally called it a tragic loss when she passed away. Jay Leno – FU.

1st thing that I thought might have been a mistake in the film is the…


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