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Watch A Simple Plan English Full Movie Online

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A Simple Plan

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Review : Greed and mistrust collide with fatal results
When I saw A Simple Plan in a movie theater in 1998, I kept thinking that I had seen the story before. It finally dawned on me that I was thinking of director John Huston’s classic 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, where three men discover a rich vein of gold while prospecting. The stories aren’t even remotely similar, but in both cases, greed and mistrust collided with fatal results.

Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thorton were outstanding as brothers Hank and Jacob Mitchell who were caught up in a plan to keep a huge sum of money found in a crashed airplane. The plan sounded so simple, but it went sour almost from the start, resulting in an escalating body count as the two brothers and their fellow accomplice became increasingly desperate to keep their secret and keep the money.

The film examines the choices that people make between right and wrong as the characters tried to morally justify their decision to keep quiet and hold on to the money instead of…


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