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Watch A Box of Faith English Full Movie Online

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A Box of Faith

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Review : Refreshing and down to earth goodness.
Watching this movie inexplicably gave me goose bumps. Totally did not expect to even like the movie, since I’ve seen other Christian movies that were just too preachy and corny. On second thought, the goose bumps probably happened because how I arrived at seeing this movie. I’ve been needing a lot of prayers and having many questions about personal things that have happened recently. After the midday Mass, I just wanted some light stuff to watch while eating lunch. While browsing through my usual list of horror and action movies, this was the only one that didn’t belong in that list. Needless to say, I saw my sign. . .
Also for the goose bumps, I actually know real people such as the main characters in this movie, who are good for goodness sake. This movie didn’t appear preachy to me because I can identify how it imitates life with genuine Christian folks who seem to plow through life and through all hardships without becoming bitter, paranoid, envious, or greedy…


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